Why Fusion Badge

The Fusion Badge is a completely reusable name tag that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. With over 30 years of product innovation, we have perfected the name badge design and are proud to offer our complete Fusion Badge system.

Our magnetic name badges are fully patented and set the standard for the name badge industry.

Save Time and Money

The Fusion Badge can be fully customized on-site using our NamePrint software included with your starter kit.  By simply printing new inserts, you can reuse the name tags for years, keeping costs and hassle down.

The Fusion Badge is one of the best and most professional looking name badges available today.  Look good for your customers, help support a green planet, and save money with the Fusion Badge reusable name badge system!


Not sure how to get started?

It's easy, simply select a name badge starter kit from the left menu, the only difference between the kits is the size and shape.  Our standard kit comes with everything you need to create fantastic reusable name tags.  Our kits include the name badge plates, the customizable insert sheets, domed lenses, magnetic fasteners, and our NamePrint Software with full technical support just a phone call away.

Just a simple printed insert and a few snaps and your beautiful name badges are ready!